DECEMBER 13, 2023  3:00 PM (GMT +0)

45 MINs



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Master the art of convincing stakeholders — Join our expert-led webinar

Approving a modest expenditure like a $20 monthly subscription for ChatGPT Plus might be straightforward, but what happens when the solutions critical for enhancing your job performance come with a heftier price tag? A tag that goes beyond the simplicity of a single credit card swipe? You've tried several times to reach out to the budget holders explaining that you need this tool but got no answer?

If your company operates in a sector that has been persistently grappling with the complexities of 2023 — such as retail, e-commerce, or B2B SaaS — it's no surprise that budget cuts might be more common than increases. 

Meaning, securing a budget becomes more challenging.

Moreover, if you're a data person, your worldview differs significantly from those you need to convince. You focus on technical aspects, features, functionality, and details. While your budget holders are more concerned with benefits and a top-level overview. The key is to step into their shoes and tailor your presentation accordingly. That's precisely why we're hosting a webinar that might help you tackle most of these challenges. Join us for 45 minutes of pure value, no fluff or filler. Only hands-on tips from peers and industry experts. 


Omer Biber, Head of Business Intelligence (PayEm)

Thomas Baierlein, Member of the Board (Aimondo AG, Switzerland)

Ana Bibikova, Head of Marketing (Aimondo)

Brings over 12 years of experience in data analysis and leading data teams across various industries, including aerospace, SaaS, manufacturing, and edTech. Has successfully secured big budgets, convincing leadership that superior data insights are crucial for growth.

Former Managing Director at Swatch Group, a Head of Sales at Reebok and a member of numerous C-Suite teams, Thomas has personally greenlit hundreds of budgets requested by the marketing, product, and analytics departments. Sharing insights from the perspective of a budget holder.

A content marketing connoisseur who has successfully advocated for analytical tool budgets. Ana will share a framework to help data professionals think like C-level executives and craft compelling proposals.


Hands-On Tips For Securing A Budget For Advanced Data Analytics Tools



Drawing lessons from experience, Omer Biber will explain how to better present a project related to data analytics tools to the leadership, what is the best time for that and what reasoning has proven to be efficient. 

High-Level Decision-Maker's Perspective

Leveraging the experience of Thomas Baierlein, you will learn what drives decision-making at the top levels, critical elements that make a budget proposal for data tools compelling to C-suite executives and how to align proposals with organisational goals.



Crafting Compelling Proposals to Win C-Level Approval

Ana's experience in content marketing comes in handy to unveil the secrets of presenting data product to non-data people. Get guidance on how to structure proposals for analytical tools in a way that captures the attention of decision-makers.



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Whether you're a Marketing manager, an eCommerce Manager, a Data Analyst, a Pricing Manager, a Category Manager, or simply someone fascinated by the dynamics of pricing and data, this webinar will help you gain actionable insights.